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 10:54 PM  Thompson refutes Tancredo charge at GOP fundraiser

After a day of defending his stance on immigration, Thompson criticized fellow Republican candidate U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo for negative campaigning in response to the Tancredo campaign's mailer this week suggesting Thompson supported amnesty.

Thompson said the piece described him as a "moderate governor from Wisconsin," a charge he roundly dismissed during his roughly 25-minute address at the Lee County GOP fundraiser in the town of Denmark.

Thompson said that while governor he cut taxes by $16.5 billion, led the way on welfare reform and school choice, and issued 1,900 vetoes. "If that's moderate, so be it," Thompson said.

Though he didn't mention him by name, as Tancredo walked into the door, Thompson pointed him out. "The candidate who just walked in said that about me," Thompson said.

"I have been against amnesty my whole career," Thompson said, "contrary to what one of my opponents has said."

Afterwards, Tancredo said the literature piece only referenced views Thompson expressed at a rally about immigration, and not any other issue.

-- By David Wise


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