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 6:40 PM  Tommy arrives in Denmark for Lee County GOP fundraiser

Thompson hopped off the Winnebago at the Lee County GOP Fundraiser, now wearing a navy blue suit, and headed straight for the waiting television camera from WGEM-TV.

Thompson briefly laid out his views on Iraq, immigration and healt hcare. Thompson again pointed out he's against amnesty, as he'd been doing all day since dogged by a mailer from the Tancredo campaign that came out this week suggesting he supported it.

Thompson told the reporter the main thing that sets him apart is experience on both the federal and state level, and he highlighted his four terms as governor and his time as secretary of health and human services.

After Thompson entered the large, open hall, an aide encouraged people to line up for a picture with him. There were few takers, however, as most were seated and munching on roast pork and assorted side dishes or waiting in line for a plate.

While Thompson and Tancredo were to be the only presidential candidates to speak, signs for all the Republican candidates decorated the paneled walls and fliers littered the dining tables.

A volunteer pegged the crowd at about 150. As with other stops today, the audience appeared to be comprised of mostly people middle-aged and older, along with some children. Thompson looked a little run down and took a seat while waiting for the program to begin, but stood up when a photographer from the local paper started snapping pictures of him.

-- By David Wise


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